A blog about books

What the heck should one blog about? About something people might think it to be interesting to be read.

So for a long time I had no idea. As you might guess, I finally got an idea.

This blog will be about books. My books. The ones I have bought. The ones I am reading. And of course, most importantly, reviews of the books I have read.

Why would it be interesting? I read quite a lot. I read (a lot of) books that are not mainstream. Books that one will not find reviews of that easily, or not even any decent review, as most are colored too much by opinion and lacking good arguments.

Of course there are other places where you can post reviews, but usually those are limited or too various, do not allow comments, or get lost because they are ignored.  And most of all, I want to make it a little personal. I usually have an opinion about what I read and I would love to talk about it with others. But few read what I do, so maybe this will gain a bit of attraction. And if not, I still don’t care.

Lastly: as I am Dutch, some books I read will be in Dutch, although most books that I read these days are in English. Still, I will give a review and provide the English title, if available.

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