Getting started

To get started with a blog about books, it all begins with purchasing a book. Of course it could be borrowed, but in my case that doesn’t happen that often.

I buy a fair number of books via the internet, the so-called webshops. The ones I use most of the time are (no send costs), (a bit more send costs), (more send costs) and (low send costs) and in certain cases Ebay. Fom Amazon I sometimes even get used books, if certain titles are really hard to find.

My last purchase came from and was Dubliners by James Joyce. I received it on the 13th of July. It was too cheap to leave it as I had only found it too pricy for such a small book. I have already read A portrait of the artist as a young man (quite nice and in some parts beautifully written) and Ulysses (renowned and worth the effort, even if it’s a tough one). I quite like his works, so reading more is a nice thing. I don’t know yet when I will read it, but at least its on my book shelves.

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