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Vacation preparations

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

For my coming vacation I will be camping in Hungary. It starts and ends with a day long journey by train and I expect there will be plenty of waiting and dallying around. Most of the times I don’t like having nothing to do, so for me, in such cases, there is one best solution: books. The problem is that I’m travelling and camping and I am always careful in my treatment of books. So when I want to take books on vacation they have to be (preferably) second hand and no great loss if something happens to them.

As I did not have anything at hand I decided to go downtown and check the second hand bookstore. There I obtained no less than six books, all fantasy. There was other stuff around, but if there is some fantasy I’m willing to try, I will pick those first. Two books by Chris Bunch: The Seer King (1997) and The Demon King (1999). Four books by Jim Butcher: Furies Of Calderon (2004), Academ’s Fury (2005), Cursor’s Fury (2006) and Captain’s Fury (2007). As the Bunch books are the first and third volume I will probably take the Butcher books along. Six books is way too much add even four is already more than plenty.