The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson (part 1)

When I look for new books usually the only contemporary ones I check for belong to the genres of fantasy and science fiction. If I look for modern novels (basically those written after about 1800) I usually check for older ones. That would books published before the year 1950 and then usually for classics of literature. Sometimes I do not not what to look for and then I pick up a famous author that I remember and check if he hasn’t written more well-known novels that I have forgotten about.

One of those authors is Robert Louis Stevenson. As he died young he only published for a relatively short period in the late 19th century. His most famous novel is The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), but he wrote more works that survived the test of time. I’ve ordered a number of them and I received two of them. I expect the next set soon, but as a blog should be active I decided to write a little already and continue once the others have arrived. I have no idea how long it will take, as that’s how online ordering sometimes works. The novels I received already are coincidently also the most well-known ones, so they are a good start.

The first one was Stevenson’s debut novel with which he claimed fame. It is the classic pirate story Treasure Island (1883), which has been adapted as an animation and other media quite often. I guess many people don’t realise Stevenson is not just the writer of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but also of this famous tale. I don’t remember the adaptations very well, so I will surely indulge myself with this story.

The second book is far less famous, but has also been adapted. It is the novel Kidnapped (1886). I remember an animation of it, but the actual story remains vague so again that’s all for the better. Like Treasure Island it is also an adventure story. Both are thus quite different from the haunting tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and (probably) lighter in nature. The two books (in the editions I purchased) are just over 200 pages, so they shouldn’t be a long read. I don’t they will be lying on my bookshelves for long.

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