Back cover spoilers

I’ve been a bit busy with other things than reading or buying books lately, so I haven’t been able to keep up my usual number of additions. Today I had some time to go strolling through some book stores looking for some interesting reads.  I did not find any. It seems it’s a bit low on the book publishing lately that match my taste. Of course as I’m Dutch I also have a bit more limited range of books that are available to me as bookstores here have to make a selection of English books.

One thing that makes the difference for me to choose buying a book or not is the text on the back cover (or inlay). Often this puts me off as publishers often give half the plot away. This can prevent me from buying crap but also prevent me from buying the book because I can guess more easily it’s not my kind of book. Personally I prefer a description that does not give away the plot but provides the setting. Even in that case I can still guess if I will like the book or not, but at least it won’t give it all away before reading it. In some cases it will serve its purpose and make me want to try the book.

Today this was the case for The Company of Glass (1999) by Valery Leith. I hadn’t seen or heard about the book or author before so my stance was neutral towards the book. As mentioned before the back cover text only described the setting and the players. It didn’t give anything away which isn’t told in the first two chapters (I’ve started already), so that leaves the plot a big mystery to me. Yay! That’s how I like it. If the story is good or not I will have to discover. This was a reason for me to buy the book and find out.

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