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Chris Bunch – The Warrior King

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

The fact that I’m posting the review of The Warrior King (1999), the third book of The Seer King Trilogy, by Chris Bunch, so soon after my review of book two is simple: I finished it much faster than the previous one, and that one I already read faster than the first book. When I finish a book faster there are usually two reasons: I have more free time or I enjoy the book much more. I my review of the second book I already stated that I enjoyed it more than the second one, so obviously I’ve enjoyed book three even more.

The next question then is why? The first two books were a recollection of events told by the main character. In book three, the events have caught up and we are reading it almost real-time. There is more focus and most of all, the main characters is most of the time not bothered by the elements that didn’t really fit well. We now really follow his story. With this the first person narrative loses it downsides and the story becomes more entertaining.

Still, it is quite obvious where the story will take us but the journey is what has to make it interesting. The story remains rather straightforward. There are no multiple or hidden layers. This is quite mainstream fantasy considering it tells its own story without borrowing from commong mainstream tropes. It is that which makes it a more refreshing read. Even if the story elements are nothing peculiar it is an original world with its own setup and characters. It is not a complex or detailed world, but sufficient enough to enjoy it.

This third book also contains a bit more character development than the previous books. It also helps that we are now a bit more accustomed to the side characters and even if it takes a while, they slowly get more depth. It still remains a weakness that time in the book moves fast, so there is not enough time to spend on thorough scene building. Overall the characters remain fairly basic, but the bit extra does serve well.

The Warrior King is clearly the best book of the trilogy and that is a good thing, because it makes my final review end in a positive way. My general opinion however remains the same. This is a very nice read when you want to spend some time on an easy fantasy story.