An early christmas gift

At my company they gave a christmas gift via an online giftstore on which you can spend a number of points on events, goods or charity. Among goods there is also an option to choose books. It is ideal to fill in some leftover (or all) points because it’s not easy to use up all the points exactly. The books option leads to a subsite which is somewhat like an online bookstore.  This year I had some points unspent as there wasn’t much I needed from the goods (the “events” are not that noteworthy) so I decided to see if I could find something among the books. There was some interesting stuff and as it was a gift I could allow myself to try something new.

In the end I decided not to try something really new. I picked up The Dreaming Void (2007) by Peter F. Hamilton, the first book of the Void trilogy. I had already read his Night’s Dawn trilogy. Although it had been a decent read it didn’t make me want to read more by Hamilton soon, but his name would remain in the back of my head in case I changed my mind.

Oddly enough the subsite appeared to me more independent dan the main site. Last year I had to wait 2-3 weeks for my gifts to arrive, so I expected the same this year, but the book I ordered came separately, only a few days after I ordered it. I don’t know when the other goods will arrive, but it’s always nice to get an early christmas gift.

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