Trying a recommendation

Usually I look for new books on my own, checking review sites, bookstores and webshops, as I’m a far more avid reader than most of my friends. As such I don’t get much recommendations from them and if I do it’s not always a guarantee I will decide to try it out. A short while ago I got a tip from a friend to try Glen Cook. He wrote a series of fantasy novels which started some 25 years ago. I don’t mind older works as there is often something refreshing or new in them compared the much more mainstream days of the past decade that the fantasy genre has become. At the webshop there were only omnibus edition available, so I got the first one, which is titled Chronicles of the Black Company (2007). It contains The Black Company (1984), Shadows Linger (1984) and The White Rose (1985). I’ve put the book on my next-to-read list, so I will probably start on it the coming week.

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