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The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson (part 2)

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Some months ago I first added a post about the works of Robert Louis Stevenson in the expectation that I would soon add another, but as these things go when you order them online, some delivery took longer than expected and in the end got wrong so I had to order anew. So now I’m finally at adding part two. The books that I got are the so-called Scottish novels which. Kidnapped, mentioned in the earlier post, also was one of them, but Stevenson wrote some more. The first is the sequel to Kidnapped, Catriona (1893), which obviously brought him less fame, but would just as well gather sufficient interest into finding out what happened after. The other books are The Master Of Ballantrae (1889) and Weir Of Hermiston (1896). This last book was left unfinished as Stevenson died while writing it, but apparently there was sufficient praise for what he had written that it got published anyway. I expect I will pick one or more of them up after I finish the books of the Black Company, but that may take a few more weeks.