Peter F. Hamilton – The Temporal Void

It is hard to write a useful review when you read the second book of a trilogy almost immediately after the first book in which the second book is basically of the same quality as the first, being practically similar in the way it is written and the development of events. This is the case for The Temporal Void (2008) by Peter F. Hamilton, the second book of the Void Trilogy. Everything I wrote in my review about the first book is applicable for this review. A solid space opera SF with multiple characters and a steady pace which is not too slow or too fast.

The only difference with the first book which sort of makes it better is that there is no need for introduction. In The Dreaming Void he spent time on describing the future society he had envisioned, but of that there is less need in the second book. It is not a very complex universe. There aren’t that many secrets; only those important to build and tell the story. In a way he thus has avoided the typical weak middle book syndrome which plagues many trilogies. Of course one needs to read the first book before the second, but usually when one has to review a second book it usually gives something lacking. I did not have that feeling at all. The story sucked me in and it was hard to let go.

With two out of three books being satisfying and quite enjoyable Hamilton has already beat my experience on his older Night’s Dawn Trilogy in which I liked the second book much less, and the third hardly. Now I just hope for the third to provide a satisfactory development and ending. The way the story has been progressing I have been thinking on what he will write about. Knowing that he writes heavy tomes there should still be plenty to come in the final book and much will be beyond my imagination. As I prefer the cheaper paperback I will have to wait some time for it. Luckily I’ve ordered an other series he wrote in the same universe called the Commonwealth Saga in which characters were referring to in the Void books, so I can enjoy myself a bit more before having to settle for the wait. Until then The Temporal Void gets another one of my recommendations.

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