Roger Zelazny – The Guns Of Avalon

The second book of the first series of the Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelazny is The Guns Of Avalon (1972). It picks up shortly after the final events of Nine Princes In Amber. Like the first book The Guns Of Avalon contains two quests. After Nine Princes In Amber it is also the most standalone story packed in a short book. The events are a bit less dramatic and grand, but instead it has some mundane themes in which the main character is more affected by circumstances than his own actions.

The Guns Of Avalon contains two stories of their own. They are part of the bigger whole but stand on their own. The first one is the strongest as it is more action packed and focused. Zelazny created original ideas while putting them into familiar surroundings, those being our own myths and folklore.

More clearly than in the first book Zelazny presents his characters to be ambiguous. There is no clear black and white and deceit is commonplace.

Oddly enough, like the first book, Amber itself only plays a small role as a setting. Most events take place in other places. Of course this is also a part of the quests that drive the main character and most of the general story. It also creates a yearning within the reader. The reader wants to know and reach the same destination as the main character.

I haven’t said much about the main character yet. He is a confident and sly man who sometimes has thoughts of doubt. While his adversaries are more vain and ruthless he is gaining a certain amount of morality which is changing his character. He certainly is an interesting character. He has his own morals but most of all he has got style, in the way only an iconic figure has. I could name a James Bond, a Tarzan or Robin Hood. Sure there are flaws, but they make his character more real while he is also a superhuman being. He takes his losses and takes his opportunities to go on.

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