The works of Alexandre Dumas

Those who have read the reviews on my site, or checked the List of Reviews, will have noticed that I often read several novels by an author in short succession. Usually this happens because I have read a book and like it so much I decided to read more. As I don’t have a particular stash of books that I want read but rather a stash of books I can read, I prefer to read what I am interested in at that moment.

Recently I read The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. I liked it sufficiently that I decided to pick up the sequels. As I don’t have money issues at the moment I can allow myself to buy all four sequels at once. The titles are Twenty Years After (1845), The Vicomte de Bragelonne (1847), Louise de la Vallière (1847) and The Man in the Iron Mask (1847). The last one is almost as famous as The Three Musketeers. The last three novels were actually originally one novel, with the title of the first book, but as it was too large to be printed in one volume it was split. Each book is over 700 pages in my edition so they are all heavy volumes.

I got them all from the Oxford’s World Classics edition as I like to have connected books in the same cover style. In this case this is actually not that easy as the middle three books are far less famous compared to The Three Musketeers and The Man In The Iron Mask. Those books are widely available.

I’ve already started with reading Twenty Years After, to find out why these volumes are less famous and if they should be mentioned instead.

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