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Queen’s Day bargains

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The 30th of April is in the Netherlands a national holiday in which people are allowed to take part in a free-market where they can sell all their “junk”. I make use of the event to browse around all that junk to look for some cheap books, as a fair number of items for sale are second hand books. I usually manage to pick up a few and this year that was also the case with two fiction and one non-fiction book. I don’t mention my non-fiction purchases here as they are usually bought for my own interests and I prefer to focus on fiction books as non-fiction usually tries to inform, not to entertain.

The two fiction books are Insomnia (1994) by Stephen King and The Island Of The Day Before (1994) by Umberto Eco. In general I don’t like horror much, but the distinction is not always that clear. I picked up Amnesia because it is strongly related to the Dark Tower cycle, which is the case for other books he wrote during the 90′s. I have read several other books by Umberto Eco, his Foucault’s Pendulum being one of my all-time favorites. Although his books are very erudite, the stories are not always that strong. I had somewhat forgotten about The Island Of The Day Before so when I saw it at the free-market in good quality I decided to pick it up as I hadn’t read it yet.