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I made one of my central categories for posts Purchases, but how do I categorize books I get for free? Well, I guess I will need to call those ‘free purchases’. One of those occasions when you can pick up free books is when family is moving and cleaning the old house. I had no idea if I would find anything to my liking but I went home with four books.

The first is well-known and the only English one, David Copperfield (1850) by Charles Dickens. Now I have to admit I haven’t read anything by Dickens yet as his works didn’t get into my field of interest yet. If I enjoy it I might be getting more books by Dickens.

The other three books are of Dutch origin and all three are considered to be old classics of Dutch literature. Either way, none of the books I picked were written less than 100 years ago. The first is called Camera Obscura (1851) by Hildebrand. In the back of my mind I have the feeling I read the book already during high school, but I have completely forgotten it. It was the only famous work he wrote.

The same can be said about the second book, Max Havelaar (1860) by Multatuli. The author is considered to be one of the greatest in Dutch literature but only this book has survived time as it expresses criticism towards Dutch colonialism in Indonesia where he lived for many years. I am not familiar with other books of that period to do so.

The third book also has an Indonesian connection as the author Louis Couperus spent most of his youth there. The book Of Old People, The Things That Pass (1906) is one of the most famous of his works. Couperus is certainly considered to be of similar stature as Multatuli, but more of novels have remained popular. I am currently reading one of his first works, Eline Vere.

No light or easy books among the ones I picked, but its not bad to improve the overall quality of my collection once in a while.

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