The works of Ian Fleming (part 1)

Inspired by some re-watching of the old James Bond movies I decided I wanted to read the originals by Ian Fleming. This also because most movies have been adaptations and only partially followed the real story, allowing sufficient ‘discovery’ for me. After a bit of searching I found some nice editions that would do. I received the first copy, Diamonds Are Forever (1956) and it looks neat. The other books will follow somewhere in the coming weeks, perhaps later, as I didn’t order them all at once yet and not from the same places.

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  1. Olga at Bibliophile's Corner says:

    Every time I watch a James Bond movie I decide that some day I’d read the books but it hasn’t happened yet. Inspired by this post I checked our local library listings and they have quite a few of them so that’ll be another dozen or so reasons to visit.
    You have a great blog here and I’ll be following your new posts and catching up on the older ones!

  2. Olga at Bibliophile's Corner says:

    I’ve wanted to read the James Bond books for a while but never really got to them. Luckily our local library had quite a few of them so that’ll be another reason to visit.
    You have a great blog here, I look forward to the new posts and will catch up on the new ones in the meantime!

  3. Essord says:

    Thanks for your comments, Olga.

    I have been a fan of the movies for ages and been aware that they were based on novels for some time, but I never felt the need to read them. This was possibly because I was setting priorities on what I wanted to spend my money on. It’s mainly in the recent years that I have a larger budget which allows me to explore certain parts of the bookworld that I had stayed away from. Of course I could still get a library membership, but this way I keep myself more selective (specifically on higher quality novels) and give me more time to spare of my free time for other interests than books.

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