Contradicting intentions

Not so long ago I stated I should stop buying books for a while as my stash had been growing a bit too much lately. Of course this does not stop me from visiting the local book stores now and then with the risk of me finding something interesting. Now it has also been so that I have been adding a fair number of reviews the past few weeks so I could say I’ve been working on my stash which should allow me to buy something again.

As I still have some vacation days left to spend I do need something to take along (I don’t have a car so any traveling I do provides me with the opportunity to read, as long as I’m not on a bus). So what I have picked up at the local second hand book store are the first three volumes of the Shadows Of The Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky. This fantasy series has had some appraisal and I’ve read a few reviews of some of the books, but I hadn’t been convinced before that they were my kind of book. I’m usually pretty good with my instincts on my liking of a book. I expected no dislike but no specific liking either, so it would be an ideal book to buy cheaply second hand. The first three novels are called Empire In Black And Gold (2008), Dragonfly Falling (2009) and Blood Of The Mantis (2009). I expect to pick them up soon with subsequent reviews to follow, although I won’t be able to say if I get sufficient relaxing time to spend time reading.

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