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On of the troubles with ordering online is that webshops have different ways of working. At some webshops they make a single package so you will get it all at once. Others make a separate package for each order which leads to the possibility that they don’t arrive at the same time. When doing a multiple order the variance in arrival time is even larger. As I usually order abroad delivery time is often at least a week and in some cases 4 or even 5 weeks. Even ordering at the same webshop regularly does not provide an exact time as they often set a certain shipping period or only send when they have a large enough batch to save shipping costs. As I never know how it will turn out I don’t pay attention to when my order will arrive as I don’t like to wait and not knowing when the package will arrive helps with that.

Recently I bought the first book of the Crown Of Stars series by Kate Elliott. I liked it enough to buy the rest of the series (6 more books), but not enough to buy them new. As such I searched for good to decent second hand copies from different sellers. Only when I can buy the books new for a cheap price I will do so, but the books of this series are still at a higher normal sales price. Only one book I could not find for a sufficient discount price so I bought that one new.

The first ordered book arrived in barely one week’s time (last weekend) and provided me with another problem when ordering batches as it was the last book of the series. It is in such cases not uncommon that the second book, required to start reading, will arrive last. However, luck was with me this time, as books 2 to 5 arrived at the same time on Monday, still faster than usual. It was only today that the sixth book arrived, allowing me to write this post. I could have put up 3 separate posts, but I like to write a bit more than just a mention of another book that has arrived. So for good measure the titles of the novels: Prince Of Dogs (1998), The Burning Stone (1999), Child Of Flame (2000), The Gathering Storm (2003), In the Ruins (2005) and The Crown of Stars (2006). As I already started reading reviews will be added regularly soon.

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