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Kate Elliott – Prince Of Dogs

Friday, November 11th, 2011

The second book of the epic fantasy Crown Of Stars series by Kate Elliott, Prince Of Dogs (1998), suffers somewhat of the second book affliction and mostly of a lack of good plot. There is one direction to follow, but constricted by a time schedule she has to fill up the story so it has more substance. This is done by spending more time on other character viewpoints than those of the main characters and adding a minor storyline.

Set in an alternative early mediaevil Europe with many magical elements Elliott keeps true to the conditions and limits of those historical times. This provides a setting different from more standard mediaevil fantasy, although she obviously borrows a lot from historical resources which are less familiar to most readers.

Her characterization is done well, but does not remain outside of the ordinary and sometimes somewhat cliché stereotypes, although there are some which beget a greater quality.

Most of the book was not really remarkable, except for one decent twist that I didn’t see coming. To me the best part was the final quarter when some more exciting events took place. Overall it is a weaker book than the first and not really one encouraging that much to continue a series of seven books. Luckily there are still some mysteries to be disclosed which will keep a reader motivated enough to continue.