A papal mystery

My buying spree is a bit on a low at the moment. No real need either as my stash of books-to-read is still high. Nevertheless I still look around and as such I picked up a copy of The Scarlet City (1952) by Hella Haasse, one of the great contemporary female Dutch writers who died a few months ago. As such, many of her novels have been translated to English. Besides modern novels she also wrote historical ones. The Scarlet City is one of those, taking place in the papal society of 16th century Rome and the powerful families of those times, like the Borgias. I haven’t read any other of her works before. My taste in Dutch literature is limited, but the same is true for English literature. Eventually one or the other will cross my path. One must at least have tried, and perhaps when the books has been enjoyed, more could follow.

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