Upgrade issues

Today I’ve upgrade WordPress to version 3.3.1. I’ve stalled it for a while because a previous attempt failed and I didn’t want to spend that much time trying to figure out how to fix it. Recently I noticed the latest version to have a vastly improved administrator environment so I wanted to give it another try. Now I had some time and despite some minor issues I suddenly got stuck on the main site redirecting to itself continuously. I had no problem accessing the admin section so it had to be some setting for the main site. After some searching and trying some tips on the web the solution appeared to be that www has to be added in front of the domain essord.net. This was never an issue in the past, but a solution it is. It does mean that all the links I’ve posted might give issues, although the usual domain still seems to work fine enough. Just to make sure I’ll search for a solution to prevent possible issues, probably involving a redirect to make sure always ‘www’ is used when accessing the site without it. Trying to fix WordPress myself will only give issues again when I want to do another upgrade.

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