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Hidden treasure coves

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I went to the city center today and decided to walk into a part I hadn’t been to yet as it was on the other side of the main road dividing the center and most stores were on the main side. It was just one extra street with some stores as I noticed an American Book Store of which I hadn’t been aware there was one in my city. As they tend to have some other stuff than usual I decided to take a look. From the front it looked rather small, but as I entered it saw it went further back considerably. At the very end I noticed the SF & Fantasy section, my favorite genre, so I looked at the shelves. While browsing through the titles I noticed there was another wall, and I continued, and found another wall, and another. Yes, it curved in and out so at first glance I hadn’t noticed they actually had a large collection. So unexpectedly I had found a hidden treasure cove of books in my own city, while I had thought the available works were rather average in their selection. The only downside is that American mass paperback editions often look cheaper, or less nice, than the European ones, so it’s they don’t always have an edition I would like to have.

So in the end I’ve bought several fantasy books, in fact two omnibi of two novels by Michael J. Sullivan. I had noticed the titles before, but I hadn’t been sure if they were interesting enough for me to buy. As I have been reading several reviews the past months that were all quite positive, I decided to give them a try. The first omnibus is called Theft Of Swords, containing the novels A Crown Conspiracy (2007) and Avempartha (2009), the second is called Rise Of Empire, with the novels Nyphron Rising (2009) and Emerald Storm (2010). They seem easy reads to me, so expect reviews soon.