Bookweek gift

In the Netherlands we have each year a national bookweek to promote books and an author. When one spends a certain amount of money on books you get a free novella. Obviously this also means free exposure for the author as his novella is given to several hundred thousands of people. Although there is usually quite some media attention to the bookweek I do not aim to buy a book just to get the bookweek gift.These days there are often theme months and alike to promote a certain genre like children’s, suspense, or fantasy novels.

I actually didn’t buy any literature during this year’s bookweek, but just some non-fiction I am interested in. The booksellers don’t make much of a difference. They usually get so many copies that they don’t need to be strict and customers can always decline the gift.

This year’s bookweek gift author is Tom Lanoye, a Belgian author, or as they usually rather say, Flemish, as those Belgian authors are usually the only ones in Belgium writing in Dutch. The rest use French or German. There are not many places outside of the Netherlands where Dutch is a main language. Besides Belgium one will only find it in the Southamerican country of Suriname and several Caribbean islands (our old colonies).

Oh, I shouldn’t forget the title of the novella. There obviously is no English version of it (yet), so a literal translation will have to do: Clear Sky (2012).

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