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Welsh myths

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

I am interested in a lot of different topics. Related to my love for fantasy is the world of mythology which still often inspires contemporary stories. One of the most popular sources of mythology are the Welsh myths. The collected tales are usually called the Mabinogion. As it goes with such tales which have their origin in different versions spanning centuries it is not easy to find a good edition which covers them as completely as possible. Of course such editions don’t include every version. As such I am satisfied enough with the most common version of the tales. The edition that is considered to be the best is a modern rendition (so a more readable rewriting for the modern audience) is the one by Evangeline Walton. Her Mabinogion was originally published in 4 books, although they are usually combined in one omnibus. The four novels, in the omnibus order, are The Prince Of Annwn (1974), The Children Of Llyr (1971), The Song Of Rhiannon (1972) and The Island Of The Mighty (1964).