Indian mythology renditions

I’ve bored into a new source of literature in the form of Indian mythology (not the native American one, but the real Indian one). The Indian writer Ashok K. Banker is working on a modern rendition of the mythology of his country as it, for me at least, has not really been introduced to popular culture. One of the series he is working on is the Ramayana. Of the 8 books he has published until now I found 4. The were second-hand and cheap so the choice to buy them was easy as this series has found critical acclaim and has been translated in other languages. So there is a good chance I may like it. The titles of the first four books are Prince Of Ayodhya (2003), Siege Of Mithila (2003), Demons Of Chitrakut (2004) and Armies Of Hanuman (2005).

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