Middle books

I got two new purchase and both have the particular attribute that they are sort of middle books of a fantasy series. Both were cheap on the discount and having them doesn’t mean I should start reading them already. The earlier books were not there, so if I see them on discount later on I can still get them. I just like getting things cheap if I would consider reading it some time.

The first is David Weber‘s By Heresies Distressed (2009). It’s the third book of the Safehold series. I recently read his first Honor Harrington novel and I like it enough to give this other series a try. While the Harrington series is military science fiction, this series seems more fantasy than science fiction, although there have been more series where those genres were blurred. The second is House Name (2011) by Michelle West. It’s the third book of the House War series. Michelle West was tipped by a friend of mine and it looked okay enough to give it a try. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, if the discount is big enough and the novel seems not too cliché and the concept interesting enough, I’m willing to step over the threshold of doubt. As they are both later books I have no idea when I will pick them up. Either I wait to find the earlier novels or I will just go right in.


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