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Finding something to read

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Having a decent read pile doesn’t help much if you’re not in the mood to read any of it. It’s not that they are not good or hard to get into. I know I can read almost anything if I want to and am in the right mood. Unfortunately I’ve been stuck so I have to wait until I come across something new that I do want to read immediately. Lately I’ve become a bit more picky as I’ve had some books that disappointed me to some or extent do did not manage to appeal me into reading more. I know I will get back to that read pile eventually and catch up again.

A few weeks ago I managed to get a book from my Wanted Books list and today I got another. This one’s Red Country (2012) by Joe Abercrombie, a fantasy author who I’ve gotten to appreciate over the past few years so that I don’t really need to think before buying a new novel. Well, one doesn’t get books on my Wanted Books list for no reason. The second book I picked up is an oldie by E.R. Eddison, als a fantasy, called A Fish Dinner In Memison (1941). Just the title is already peculiar. Eddison’s most famous work is The Worm Ouroboros, one that I greatly enjoyed, so I hope this one will do too. As it is a book from the very early days of fantasy one is at least guaranteed a fresh take on the genre.