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The first one is not there

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

The downside on finding cheap discounts that in many cases, if the book is question is part of a series, it will not be the first one but the second or third. Partially that is troublesome because often starting with a second or later book will disclose details from the earlier books which will make them less appealing to read. On the other hand, chances are reasonable that sufficient time passes before one manages to find that first book also for a cheap price. In this day and age of internet (second hand) bookshops the waiting game is much less of a big deal. Finding cheap discounts is fairly easy. To make it less easy for me I try to get the same edition so that the books match.

Anyways, I got my hand on three new (and cheap) second hand fantasy novels. The first one is How Firm This Foundation (2011) by David Weber. This is actually book five of the Safehold series of which I previously purchased (also as a discount) the third book, By Heresies Distressed. Obviously this series will take a while before I decide to get into it. I will just see where it will go before I will be tired of waiting and just start looking on the internet for the other books.

The next two books make completion a little easier as they are books two and three of the Cycle Of Fire trilogy by Janny Wurts. The novels are Keeper Of The Keys (1988) and Shadowfane (1988). I’ve been reading her Wars Of Light And Shadow series for some years now so it shouldn’t be that bad to get one of her older works. Somewhere in the back of my head a voice is saying that I’ve read one novel of the Cycle Of Fire a long time ago, but I can’t remember anymore. It was probably when I still lived at my parents’ place and went to a library often.

So some more books for my read pile, which has only seen some moderate progress lately due to other activities. At some point I will be heading ahead again.