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One thing that make me hesitate sometimes to buy a second-hand book or a book with a discount is that they are often second or third novels in a series. Even if it’s the first novel there is sometimes the question if one can find the next novels, or at least the same edition. Nowadays with the internet this has become much easier, although finding the other novels at a discount as well can be much harder.

Occasionally I like to browse on the web for some online bookstores and see if they have some nice offers. Recently I bumped into one that sold second-hand books really cheaply with no send costs. They had a large number of books and it took me some time to collect a nice set of books including two complete series. They are all fantasy novels, and 10 in total. First were two novels which I wanted because they completed two series which I had only partially. Among these was the first novel of Legends Of The Red Sun, Nights Of Villjamur (2009) by Mark Charan Newton. I reviewed the next two installments recently. And the other was In The Red Lord’s Reach by Phyllis Eistenstein, a sort of story collection around the minstrel Alaric, of which I had the first novel for some time. I hadn’t been looking for the next installment, but coming across it for a cheap price made me decide to get it.

The biggest of the two series is by Juliet E. McKenna. The Tales Of Einarinn contains 5 novels: The Thief’s Gamble (1999), The Swordsman’s Oath (1999), The Gambler’s Fortune (2000),The Warrior’s Bond (2001) and The Assassin’s Edge (2002). One can image finding a complete set of the same edition on a discount at once it not easy. The series itself seems to have had a relatively limited number of publications as I have looked around for it in the past as I’ve come across singular novels here and there. The second series is the Crossroads Trilogy by Kate Elliott: Spirit Gate (2007), Shadow Gate (2008) and Traitor’s Gate (2009). I have reviewed the seven book series she wrote before this one, The Crown Of Stars. My opinion was mixed, there being good and weak novels among them, but there was sufficient good stuff to give this series a try.

Now that I notice it, 9 of the 10 novels have a female author. Not that that’s strange, but it is peculiar, at least for me. I have in the meantime already started with the Crossroads Trilogy, so more reviews will follow soon.


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