2013 Revisited

Another year is gone. Time to look back.

It has been a relatively quiet year for this blog. The number of reviews went down 12, to 50, compared to last year. It is still a fair number and I need to add that I am 3 reviews behind currently. As this is typical each year, it is not really necessary to include them. The total number of pages is 26,447, which is an average of 529 pages per book. This is a stunning 100 pages more than in 2012, which total number of pages was only a little more than last year, so technically you could say I’ve read the same amount, just less books.

Compared to previous years 2013 has went by quite fast. I’ve been busy with other things than reading and this has hampered my reading activity, partially, and the lag in writing my reviews on time. On the other side I’ve been reading some more non-fiction than usual and these I don’t mention or review. There are also 4 books in my Currently Reading list at the moment, and they have been there for quite a while. I simply haven’t been in the mood to get back to them. Other books had more of my interest.

There is not much lack of books. I have a sufficient read pile and books I need to finish up, some time. I hope to catch up on my reviews soon, so there will be a good start of this new year. Happy readings!

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