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Occasionally I have made comments on me not reviewing any non-fiction that I read. I have never mentioned before what kind of non-fiction that I am reading. I did not really consider it noteworthy as these were often quite specific works and of limited interest to anyone reading my blog. As I have now reached my 300th post, after 3.5 years of blogging, I think I can indulge myself a little.

So what have I been reading recently? The first is The Chronicles Of Pug (2013) by Raymond E. Feist. When I was in my teens I read every book they had, including a bunch of his Midkemia novels. When I got older I lost interest in the series as it did not live up to the quality I like in fantasy. I can manage a couple of books, but that many tired me out.

Feist has last year completed his saga and this work is, as Wikipedia mentions, a coffee table book. It contains a rough summary of all the events set up in a series of notes. Most interesting, to me, were the many maps and beautiful artwork, all in color. I did read the summary, as I was not planning to get back to the series any time soon, and unfortunately it made me cringe because of the poor quality. It was fragmentary in nature and it was a pretty crudely presented. It was somewhat boring.

Something totally different was Vanished Kingdoms (2011) by Norman Davies. It is a selection of histories of rather interesting nations of Europe which few know something about and if there are references then they are often quite different from their origin. Davies takes a rather broad approach, comparing current views of those old nations and the behavior towards them, and their actual history. He writes in a very engaging way like many good historians do and told some fine tales. A few were of lower quality compared to the others but it certainly was a worthwhile read.

As I have been telling a bit about my reading activities I can tell a bit about my current ones. I have managed to get back to one novel from my old reading list, The Chessmen Of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although his stories a interesting his plots are in general variations on the same theme, a girl in distress who needs to be saved. It has been long enough that I can enjoy the story again instead of the plot. I just have to take care not to start on the next one immediately after I finish it. I am currently also reading two other novels: The Age Atomic (2013) by Adam Christopher. It is a science fiction novel set within an alternate history. The other is Gambler’s Fortune (2000) by Juliet E. McKenna, the third book of five from the fantasy series The Tales Of Einarinn. A review of book 2 will be added soon, so I will not indulge too much about it.

So there is no lack of material for this blog of mine as long as there are books and I keep reading.

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