Go West

As often, when I am very satisfied with a newly discovered author, I ransack the available books published, if not too expensive. In this case, after having started reading The House War series by Michelle West and discovered that there are two series that should best be read after the first three books, I got both series.

The first series is The Sacred Hunt duology, containing Hunter’s Oath (1995) and Hunter’s Death (1996). The second series is The Sun Sword, encompassing six novels: The Broken Crown (1997), The Uncrowned King (1998), The Shining Court (1999), Sea of Sorrows (2001) and The Sun Sword (2004). If you have counted, these are five, as the fifth novel, The Riven Shield, is strangely out of stock and even second hand books of average quality fetch a rather quite high price. I dislike having a poor quality edition next to a good set, so I have no choice but to wait until it comes back into stock. I don’t know if I will start the series before then. It will depend partially on my interest for the rest of my read pile.


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