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A travel kit

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Whenever I go on a trip one of the first things that are put on my things-to-not-forget list are books. I don’t have a car so all long-distance traveling I do is by public transport. This means I have plenty of time on my hands to do something. In most cases I read. If the trip takes some time longer I need more books, although that depends on the activities I might be doing. I don’t know beforehand, but my motto is that carrying more is always better than carrying less as this might result in the risk having nothing to do or being forced to buy something rubbish instead to read.

Finding some good books for travel is not easy. Usually they are not the books on top of my wanted list and often leftovers. Books by authors I have read before I considered readable enough without me getting absorbed too much that I spent more time reading than planned. This year I obtained a pretty nice stash, all by authors of which I have a positive opinion. The first is a contemporary novel, for a change, by Michael Chabon. He is one of the few contemporary authors whose work I have always enjoyed, so I am quite content to read Telegraph Avenue (2012). The other author is Richard Morgan. The books that I have read were both fantasy novels. The pair of novels I have picked up now are both science fiction. That is pretty different fare and it is guesswork if it will be to my liking and possibly it has a very different style and approach.  The first is Altered Carbon (2002) and the second Broken Angels (2003). At least I have a full travel kit now and should not have to worry lacking having something to spend my travel time on.