A bunch of books

It has been a while since I last wrote something about the books I’ve bought. It is not that I did not buy anything since then. If I want to write about my purchases it should be about a couple of books and I have to have the time free to write something about them. And that is mostly what it has been. No batch purchases and if I had some I did not find the time to write something up. Writing down a review is more important and I have been trailing on my reviews-to-do list for some time as I’ve been too busy or preferred reading to posting.

Things have calmed down a bit and today managed to get a bunch of books, although most credit goes to the bookstore which put them up for 1 euro a piece. Even then I remained picky. I can buy any book but will I be motivated to read each of them? I have a fair number of books on my shelves that have been lying there for one or more years. Some I do intend to read when I am in the mood, some others I purchased cheaply and I was willing to give them a go at the time. Times however change and often when I do a viewing of my bookshelves I keep saying to myself that I am not the mood to read that kind of story. Maybe some other time. And so to prevent that category of books to grow I need to be picky. Usually I stick with my gut feeling, which is often right, after reading the back of the book or by reading some sentences in some random pages to get an idea of the style.

My pickiness lead to the selection of three books, all fantasy and all written by female authors. First is Arrows Of The Sun (1993) by Judith Tarr, second is The Gates Of Twilight (1996) by Paula Volsky and third is Feast Of Souls (2007) by C.S. Friedman. The last one is the first of series, the Magister Trilogy and I have read novels by Friedman before. That I haven’t picked up more of by her already discloses that they make me enthusiast, although my reviews are fairly positive in nature. The ideas for the new novels simply did not entice me. I am thus least sure on picking up this novel. It was cheap enough to give it a try, but I probably won’t read it anytime soon. Perhaps on my next vacation.

I picked up a fourth novel, new and all and also fantasy, by John Gwynne. It is the second novel of The Faithful And The Fallen series, which is called Valour (2014). I have to admit that I was not sure about buying it. My review of the first novel, Malice, was mixed. It had some good stuff but it also had weaknesses. This instalment will probably decide if I will drop the series or not. Even so, I am not in a hurry to read it. Maybe during the Christmas holidays.


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