2014 Revisited

2014 has gone by and before I start for the coming year I look back.

Like last year I am a bit behind on my reviewing activity. I lacked a bit of inspiration and time, being occupied with other things. The latter has been rather prominent in the last quarter of 2014, which saw a bit of a drop in my read and reviewing activity. Overall however it has been a good year regarding to my reading despite the fact that I feel like I am struggling to find new books and series to read. I am waiting more and more for favourite authors to publish new work. One reason for this feeling is some hard times hitting on some of my local bookstores here in the Netherlands. I used to visit those at least every 2 weeks or so but mergers, closures and reorganizations have left the book collections shrunken in size and what they have is mainly the popular or mainstream stuff, leaving me with very new interesting books to discover. I am left with the internet and checking out other review sites which is not entirely the same as holding the actual book in your hand.

To some extent it is thus quite amazing that I have read 13 more books than in 2013; that is 63, which is also one more than in 2012. Even more stunning is the total page count: 31.450. This means the average page count is 499 per book (I don’t count sections with notes, glossaries and extra’s, but as a sort of compensation I just take the pagenumber of the last page of the story). Funnily enough this is much less than last year’s average of 529 but it still means I prefer hitting the bigger tomes although I do not aim for them. As I like reading fantasy and science fiction this average probably won’t change that much. Because of that reason the number of different authors I have reviewed this year is relatively low. Many series and a couple of others of whom I have read several works.

As always the book count only covers those I review. As always I’ve read a bunch of non-fiction works as well. Those usually take more time to read but they are great if I can’t find anything to my liking.

Fortunately I am not lacking on my book pile. I still have much to read. Some books have been on my Currently Reading list for most of the year. Sadly this is because I am simply not in the mood to read them much. They are such specific works (in the matter of style) that simply prefer reading something else most of the time. I have more of such books and I need to watch out starting with more because it make me feel a bit disheartened. It’s not a good way to treat a book. It does not (always) mean they are bad, just particular to my (current) taste. Some stuff I would have read much more quickly 15 years ago.

I hope to add some reviews this weekend (obviously not one today anymore) and keep the flow going. Happy readings!


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