The Pandora sequence

Frank Herbert is one of my favourite science fiction authors. Even so I haven’t read as much of his work as I should have. Perhaps it is because I rarely come across his lesser known works in the bookstore here in the Netherlands except for the Dune series and a few other novels. One series that has been translated is the Pandora sequence, consisting of a prequel and a trilogy, the latter co-written by Bill Ransom. The strange thing about this series that it is hard to find the full series. I first read it as a teenager in my local town library although they only had like two of the novels. As a result I never read the whole story and to be honest I pretty much forgot about it. In 2012 the whole series has been printed anew again and now I have taken the chance to order them online so that I can read it all. The prequel was written by Frank Herbert alone and is called Destination: Void (1966). The trilogy was completed after the death of Frank Herbert in 1986 and consists of The Jesus Incident (1979), The Lazarus Effect (1983) and The Ascension Factor (1988). It has been more than 15 years ago that I read some of the novels in the series and I have forgotten pretty much all of it except that it took place on a water planet, ironically the opposite of Dune. I have to say I will enjoy reading a whole series as I am still reading plenty of ongoing ones.


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