The lost works of Robert E. Howard

I am a bit exaggerating with the title of this post. The thing is that Robert E. Howard is mainly famous for his Conan stories, which have frequently been republished, while some of his other protagonists have made some name of their own like Kull and Solomon Kane, although that would be more among the fans. Howard however wrote lots of stories during his relatively short life which in most cases were series focused on a central protagonist. These works are not that easy to to come across as they are republished far less often and not in great numbers so when one does find them you should not hesitate to pick one up.

I have now actually picked up three story collections. Like most of his stories they were written in the 1930′s but I will only refer to the collection edition that I got. All that I obtained were published in the 1970′s and in excellent condition. The first series is called Tigers Of The Sea (1979) and are centred around Cormac Mac Art, an Irish pirate during the Dark Ages. The second is Worms Of The Earth (1976), about a Pictish King fighting against Rome, and the third is The Lost Valley Of Iskander (1976), which focuses on Francis X. Gordon, better known as El Borak, a Texan gunman in early 20th Century Afghanistan. All three collections are barely 200 pages and not all are complete, although Howard left plenty of unfinished stories as well, so completeness is always troublesome when you are dealing with an author who wrote stories to get some quick money. Nevertheless Howard’s stories are quite unique despite their pulp nature as his prose shows great quality and power that has found resonance with many readers. For that reason it is worthwhile to collect his stories.


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