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Feminine compensation

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

For some reason I seem to pick up more novels by female authors at second hand bookstores than as new editions. Here I have to add that I read quite more novels by men than women although I try not to be biased when I check up on a book. The thing is just that many female authors do often use a quite feminine style and typical themes like romance, triangle relationships and family. These do not automatically avert my interest. Foremostly it depends on how it is handled. Unfortunately, for me, there are more often similarities than fresh or different approaches.

Now I am digressing a bit here. My note on finding more female authors at second hand bookstores originates from the fact that those of which you find new editions often follow the popular trends and genres as these sell better. Finding female authors that don’t is usually a matter of luck when browsing through the shelves. On the second hand bookshelves there is no presentation or selection. It is a random collection of novels that have been put back into circulation and often they are older ones with titles which aim less on their target readers as older fantasy and science fiction (I have been talking about this genre actually) did not have such as they have done for the past 10 to 15 years. The chance is thus larger that I check something written by a female author.

I have picked up four novels, of which one is an omnibus of three, but two female authors of which I have read books before. This made picking them up easier. The first is the Chronicles Of Morgaine by C.J. Cherryh, consisting of Gate Of Ivrel (1976), Well Of Shiuan (1978) and Fires Of Azeroth (1979). Cherryh has written quite a bit of science fiction but those novels do not appeal to me. Another (later) fantasy series by Cherryh did appeal to me and I quite enjoyed then, enough to give this other fantasy series a try. It was cheap, I have to admit, so the threshold was low. The other novel is The Master Of White Storm (1992) by Janny Wurts. Although I did not enjoy her early work much I do enjoy her recent series. This novel seems to fall in between the two. It may disappoint or surprise. I picked it mainly up because I had not seen it before in any bookstore so getting it cheap pushed me forward to give it a try.