What’s going on?

So I have realized I have not put up a review in the past few months and my contributions had already dropped in the months before. So one might ask what’s going on. Nothing in particular actually. I’ve been very busy at work, but as that didn’t result in overtime it is a mere coincidence. I have been spending my free time (outside of reading books, of course) on other stuff than writing reviews, so that plays a part, but mostly it seems to me that after 5 years of fairly dedicated reviewing I have simply lost the drive to keep writing them regularly after I finish a book or a series. I reviewed because I liked to share my ideas on a book and wanted to crystallize them into some kind of coherent thought. One thing that bugged me often that it is hard to write creatively when reviewing. Often you are rehashing similar things in different forms. I am not a wordsmith with a large vocabulary ready at hand and I prefer to focus my creative writing where it is more needed.

So will I get back to reviewing? I am quite sure I will have feel a need to write some opinion down sometimes. When I don’t know. This is after all a hobby, not a commitment, and I am not doing this to get nice comments (which I can’t since I disabled that because I just got loads of spam, even with Recaptcha installed). Personally I am already amazed I kept on going for more than 5 years and wrote so many reviews. We’ll see where it ends up.


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