About this blog

This blog is about books. The books I have purchased, the books I am reading and, most importantly, reviews of the books that I have read. Only the posts which are reviews I will give the title of author and title of the book, as I will only talk about that book in the post, while I will let myself have some freedom to talk about other things in the other types of posts.

I read a lot of different things, but I have a few favourite genres. In order of popularity these are:

  • Fantasy
  • Classical works (works from before bookprint)
  • Classics of literature (famous and timeless works)
  • Science Fiction
  • Detectives/Mystery
  • Historical
  • Modern/Contemporary

Some comments on those genres:


I am a big fan of fantasy novels. Like most people I read them to discover new worlds and new ideas, as fantasy, as the name implies, is not bound by anything. For some time now I have somewhat diverted from mainstream fantasy, looking for more unusual works using different concepts and with a large amount of originality. Most of the time I avoid books about elves, dwarves, dragons and vampires. If I do pick one of these up, it is because of a convincing review or a good story concept, but sometimes I just need something (easy) to read and give something mainstream a try. Besides these I am also looking into older works of fantasy, written in the early days before fantasy became mainstream and were affected by that. Personally I consider those written before 1980.

Classical works

Classical works, in my opinion, are those written before reading books became easily accessible thanks to the invention of the bookpress. It is also typical of those books to have been written in Latin or Greek. Of course there are works in their native languages, but those are few. Those are included in this list as well.

Among the genre of classical works I also include the history books, books that describe the events of a certain period. In this sense they are non-fiction, but as few of such books have remained from those times and as they are often written by contemporaries they represent the literature of those times as popular novels were much rarer and histories were very much valued, unlike the past centuries, where histories are common and only produced for popular or scientific interest and not being considered to be literature at all.

Classics of literature

As a book lover it is one of my goals to read as many of the famous works written in literature. Which ones are really classics is of course debatable, but in this case I let myself be lead by my own opinion of what is a true classic. One part of these are those that have remained famous over time. In the case of books of the past 50 years I consider this harder to decide as the amount of books published has been ever increasing, so one will find few books of that period in this group. I will not make a specific category for this group as it is a more subjective one.

Considering classics I take no hesistance in the so-called readability of a book. Some classics have been called such because of the complex structure used or a remarkable style for the first time employed. I consider that all have to be readable enough to please the critics, so I should be able to manage them as well, even if it can take some time.

Science Fiction

When I was a teenager I read quite a bit of science fiction. After some years this became less as many novels I read were less to my liking. Although they often had interesting ideas, the story usually lacked a lot or the author did not really know how to finish up the novel. Some of my favourite novels are science fiction, but nowadays I don’t read many new ones. Sometimes it is also hard to distinguish between fantasy and science fiction, so depending on that opinion I might read more than I claim.


I like to read a good mystery, usually packed as a detective novel. These days it can be hard to distinguish between a contemporary novel and a mystery novel, but usually I will read a contemporary novel because it contains a mystery, so I will then place it in this category.


As I am interested in history, I sometimes also read novels taking place in history. This can be actual novels, where the main characters have really existes, or where the main characters play a role in certain events of a time.


I do not read many contemporary novels. One reason is that there are certain genres (as listed above) which get preference by me over a regular novel or that the novel contains elements from the genres listed above but they play a such minor role that it’s hard to categorize them in one of them. Contemporary are thus books that are less than 50 years old.

Under modern I basically categorize all books that I cannot categorize under one of the others, but as writing pure novels is only something of the past 200 years, modern will cover all of that period. Besides that, contemporary changes as the years go on, so it will get outdated at a certain point.