Wanted books

As a fan of books it is also nice to look forward to upcoming releases. There is a little twist for me there as I have a preference for (preferably similar) mass paperbacks (cheaper, smaller text-print (this is not always the case) and smaller size to fit in my already packed bookshelves), so often I have to wait about a year after the release of a book before I buy them. Only in certain cases I buy hardback, but it depends on the print or it being a beautiful edition or usually because it is the first book (only when I’m confident on the author’s quality) so I can buy them all the same.

The list below is also a reminder for myself for the books I have to look out for as local bookstores don’t always have them (and in that case I have to order them online). Order is in year of (probable) publication.

  • George R.R. Martin – The Winds Of Winter (201?)
  • David Lynch – The Thorn Of Emberlain (201?)
  • Patrick Rothfuss – Doors Of Stone (201?)
  • Lois McMaster Bujold – Miles In Love (2008)

On hold

Due to edition inconsistencies I will wait for the series to finish (or otherwise) before I will continue with them.

  • Jim Butcher – Skin Game (2014)
  • Jim Butcher – Cold Days (2012)
  • Jim Butcher – Ghost Story (2011)
  • Jim Butcher – Changes (2010)
  • Jim Butcher – Turn Coat (2009)
  • Jim Butcher – Small Favor (2008)